EnBo PU battery pack

Imagine – you build a cool LEGO® creation and you don’t have to replace dead batteries anymore.
Imagine your creation is stronger, lighter, and the gaming experience does not diminish until the batteries are completely depleted.
This idea is not fiction but a reality, and it’s here.

We’ve made it for you!

Phondly EnBo PU is a smart battery pack. You can simply snap it in place of the original battery holder.
No further modifications required – nothing changes in the original look of your creation,  and you get also some additional features.

If the weight matters – you will save 18 grams (0.7oz) compared to the weight of the original batteries (127,7g/4.5oz).
If you seek for performance – this pack easily surpasses alkaline batteries and also keeps pace with rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries. It maximises LEGO® HUB’s power output, because Li-ion is most suitable for that purpose.

Our eco friendly tip – you can save at least 50 kg-s of battery waste in the lifespan of our pack, compared to traditional alkaline batteries.

What makes our battery pack really smart?
Built in electronics controls the output voltage while allowing high current flows. It also monitors Li-ion battery limits and manages recharging through a USB-C plug. Therefore everything in kept in optimal shape.

That’s why Phondly EnBo PU makes your LEGO® creation happy.